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Digital DJ Academy is a Tampa Based DJ and Music Production School that helps introduce and educate students on the art of Djing and Music Production through one-on-one and group lessons.
(Now Enrolling for Virtual Classes)

DJ and Music Production Lessons are great for youth, teens, and adults who are interested in learning a skill or becoming stronger at an old hobby.

Working with Music helps to build confidence, express emotions, explore individuality and creativity, create familiarity and comfort with math skills, and so much more!

If you’re interested in learning to Produce your Own Music, Click here

Benefits of DJ / Music Production Lessons for Adults

  • Allow for Self Expression and Creativity
  • Form of Stress relief
  • Promote memory training
  • Increase Self Esteem
  • Help Improve Depression
  • Feeling of Accomplishment
  • Boost confidence and creativity
  • Allow for bonding with your kids (learn and then teach your kids to DJ)
  • Learn a skill that can be used to generate income

Benefits of DJ / Music Production Lessons for Youth

  • Accelerate fine and gross motor development and dexterity
  • Improve listening and auditory skills
  • Stimulate math skills and quantitive thinking
  • Promote familiarity with numbers and basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  • Boost confidence and creativity
  • Promote teamwork
  • Celebrate individuality
  • Learn a skill that can be used to generate income

Learn DJ Skills from one of Florida’s most in-demand Female Djs.
Learn Music Production from a versatile Atlantic Records UK Producer.

Classes teach students the following:

  • Equipment setup / Equipment usage
  • Software setup / Software usage
  • Music organization and song selection
  • Beat matching
  • Club style mixing
  • Mix Tape Creation
  • Music Production
  • DAW Usage
  • Music Arrangement
  • Mixing and Mastering

Meet   The  Teachers

Shannon C (DJ Shannon C)
Founder, Lead Educator

Greg Greenway (Nilla Green)
Lead Production Teacher
Atlantic Records UK Recording Artist

Interested in learning to Produce Your Own Music? Click here


– 60 Minute 1 on 1 virtual DJ lesson $50.00
Work with Serato, Traktor, or Virtual DJ and your hardware of choice to strengthen your transitions, beat matching, scratching, and learn how to be more creative with your Djing.

– 60 Minute 1 on 1 virtual Music Production Lesson $50.00
Work with Ableton, Pro Tools, Fruity Loops, Logic or Cubase to become familiar with the DAW, learn music composition, arrangement, mixing, and mastering. Learn to produce your own tracks or how to integrate production into your live DJ set.

– 60 Minute GROUP Production Lessons (NOW ENROLLING) $25.00/Session
Use Ableton to work through a series of projects as a group including creating a remix from an IG sample, creating a remix, creating a dance track, and more. Click HERE to sign up today!


Group Class Coming Soon!

Before You Go! Onsite Group Classes for Youth coming to a school near you!